House Painting

House painting is the application of paint, color, or other materials to the exterior or interior surfaces of a house, building, etc.
It typically offers a variety of services that are tailored to customers’ individual needs. These services include exterior painting and interior painting. Exterior paints are usually applied on buildings to protect them from harsh weather elements like wind and rain. Interior paints are used inside houses to elevate the aesthetics and make them look more appealing
The most common type of painting in Nepal is called “interior house painting”. Interior house painting is the process by which paint on an interior surface (walls, ceilings, and trim) is applied to make it more aesthetically appealing, to hide damage, repair damage and refresh old paint. Painting ranges from general patchwork to complete color change or any combination thereof.
It is a type of house improvement service. A house painter is a person who paints the home basically on exterior and interior design. On average, your home should be painted every 5-10 years depending on the type.
The importance of house painting is it helps to keep your home safe from dust, weather, damage etc. It helps and shows our home clean, adds color to a space, keeps things decorated. It prevents excess moisture, protects against peeling and staining, creates a refresh, increases your home value, adds beauty, personality, character or a story to your house.

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